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Presentation equipment

The success of a product or service of a company, but also the personal success of a lecturer, frequently depends on how well and impressively one can present his case.

In front of how many people will the presentation will take place? How big is the space and what is it’s nature and context? Is the presentation a pure lecture or it is part of a team effort? Are all listeners locally or external parties be consulted? Just as with the conception of a presentation, it is also important to consider the best method of delivery, and therein, to pay attention to the appropriate quality of presentation technology employed. Only the perfect interaction of content and technology will ensure presentation success.

LCD-Datenprojektor PräsentationActivboard, Interaktiv PräsentationDisplays Präsentation Point of Sale

Among the presentation media of today, without a doubt one of the most important pieces of equipment is the data projector. Here, two technologies are dominating: LCD technology and DLP® technology from Texas Instruments.

Presentations are also an integral part of training and practical teamwork. Here, interactivity is in most demand. Increasingly in these cases, the best solutions are interactive boards; the perfect combination of screen, flip charts and Copy-board in a single device.

Found in an increasing number of conference rooms, public spaces such as train or airports, shopping centers, medical practices and representative entrance areas, and not least at the point of sale itself, LCD and Plasma monitors reinforce the professional use enforced.

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