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Digital Signage - digital representation of information

Digital Signage (digital signage) includes the use of digital media content for advertising and information systems such as electronic posters, electronic traffic signs, advertising in stores, digital door signage etc.

Digital Signage is the sum of creation of electronic content, the systematic distribution and public display.

Utilize the latest audio-visual facilities for customer acquisition. The installation of digital signage is simple, an existing network can be integrated and expanded, it is also conceivable to control via wireless LAN or UMTS.

Digital Signage at a glance

Retail - Supermarkets - Shopping Center

Place your product advertising at the point of sale!

With Digital Signage sales growth in the retail sector are demonstrably achievable because the products may be advertised in accordance with the time of day and the buying behavior of your customers.

The solution is cost effective and future-oriented.


At railway stations and airports arrival and departure times are updated online.

In addition to the timetables, all displays can are also used as carriers of modern advertising content.


For patient call systems and information channels in hospital TV systems.

The possibilities range from the "electronic guide" in the entrance area up to the "digital door sign".

Offices - Authorities - Public Buildings

Inform your clients on a daily basis about all the news in the waiting areas. Simple realization of a home automation system.

The possibilities range from the "electronic guide" at the entrance to the "digital door sign".

Schools - Universities - Seminar Centers

Ideal platform for project presentations. Sponsors can present themselves directly in their future customer environment via innovative large digital display panels.

Information about lectures and courses can be updated quickly and inexpensively.

Companies - Industry

Digital Signage is a platform for employee and customer information in entrance areas and lounges.

In production halls production data are displayed by means of distributed large screen displays automatically.

Hotel Commercial - Seminar Centers

Design ad display of central information  and the current allocation of premises in the lobby or in the lifts.

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